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Information security made easy

With the help of a good Information Security Management System (ISMS) your organisation has its security in orderwhich is essential for any organisation. Not only do customers expect proper information security from the organisations they work with, the government also increasingly sets strict requirements for this.


Introduction of security standards such as ISO 27001 and the GDPR require specialist knowledge in IT, business and legal matters. Because these security standards affect almost all aspects of business operations, it is difficult to organise and maintain an overview. The right ISMS software can help you with this.


In order to demonstrably comply with the extensive frameworks of standards, it is also essential to have a clear structure and to administer matters centrally. This is possible, for example, with the help of a custom authorisation matrix but also an ISMS offers these possibilities.



When it comes to information security, your organisation must find a cost-effective balance in your choice between taking measures and (partially) accepting risks.

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Features of the right ISMS tool

In order to have and keep your information security in order, you want a sustainable solution that provides an easy overview and insight.


In addition, the ISMS tool must be affordable and based on best practices. The most important thing is, of course, that all of this has to be in line with the different standards frameworks you want to work for certify.

Easy to apply within the organisation

Easy to use and collaborate

Alignment with standards and best practices

Affordable and flexible

The solution: Base27

As stated above, an ISMS provides support in the area of information security. Base27 has been designed as such an ISMS.


If you choose Base27 as your ISMS, you will benefit from a policy framework, standards and associated improvement processes. In addition, Base27 offers operational support to get the information security in order within your organisation. Base27 monitors and registers your information security processes.


The convenience of Base27


The convenience of Base27 allows you to put your energy into the real problems of your organisation with respect to information security. Base27 delivers immediate added value and an actual solution. Base27 supports, among other things: policy making, communication, risk analysis and control and registration of company assets.


Using Base27, you are able to quickly set up information security in accordance with the ISO 27001 or other standard. Including support for the new privacy legislation, the GDPR.

See how Base27 can support you


Functionalities of our ISMS tool

Base27 is modular and the different modules can be selected as required. This enables a perfect integration with existing solutions within your own organisation.

Policy framework

Management of information systems

Processing of personal data

Supplier management

Support for internal and external audits

Customisation for organisation-specific features

Continuous improvement using PDCA

Risk management

Incident management

Register of company assets

Compliance for different standards frameworks

API for integration with other systems