Take full control of your information security


ISMS software: Base27

Implement your information security quickly and effectively (in accordance with ISO 27001 and other frameworks)

Let those involved work together in an easy way

Get a grip on the many and often complex aspects of information security

ISMS software Base27

Securing quickly and effectively through best practices


Feature highlights

Information Systems

  • The first step towards adequate information security;
  • Unambiguous overview of all sources of information;
  • Controls and reporting possibilities including a BIA and authorisation matrix.

Risk Management

  • Risk analyses based on defined scope, e.g. processes, information systems and/or suppliers;
  • Identifying risks using threat models such as ISF or the OWASP top 10;
  • Take countermeasures (treatment plan) to reduce or exclude the risk by means of controls in the framework(s);
  • Monitoring and evaluation of risks and related countermeasures.

Internal and External Audits

  • Periodically carry out internal or external audits with respect to frameworks and your own policies;
  • Follow-up findings / deviations with countermeasures to improve security;
  • Inform management by means of automated reports.

Simple and practical support for information security


ISMS software can help the organisation to have its information security in order. Adequate information security is essential for any organisation.

In addition, information security is increasingly a standard requirement of customers and end users.

Based on the above, we want to support organisations in a simple and practical way in professional information security and privacy protection. That is why Base27 has been developed, an ISMS tool with which organisations can set up information security in a practical way. We believe that good information security does not have to be difficult or expensive. With Base27 we prove that it can be done.

Start continuous improvement of your organisation and security with Base27


ISMS security for your organisation


Base27 monitors and registers your information security processes. It is an information security management system (ISMS) that gives you a handle on the many and often complex aspects of information security. Base27 supports, among other things, policy making, communication, risk analysis and the control and registration of company assets.

With the help of Base27 you are able to quickly set up the information security according to ISO 27001 or other standards. Including support for privacy legislation like the GDPR.


Support from Base27


Our ISMS software is modular and the different modules can be selected as required. This allows for perfect integration with existing solutions within your own organisation.

Policy making and communication

Documentation of processes and procedures

Protection of personal data

Carrying out risk analyses and treatment plan

Managing suppliers and partners

Registration of company assets

Incident registration and handling

Maintaining business continuity plans

Planning of improvement activities and internal audits

Monitoring and reporting

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Fully customize Base27 to your organisation

Customised ISMS software


Base27 is modular and the different modules can be selected as required. This creates a perfect integration with existing solutions within your own organisation.


The policy framework, as offered within the online environment, can also be fully adapted to your organisation and services. By subscribing to this ISMS software, updates will also become available automatically.


The updates do not only apply to the software itself, but also to the content. As a result, your policy remains fully compliant with information security standards. All changes made are logged as a matter of course and subsequent versions of the information can be recorded and approved.

All means for continuous monitoring and improvement of your information security


Using Base27, we offer you a solution to implement information security quickly and effectively. By using best practices in the field of cyber security, focused on SMEs, you have all the means at your disposal to inform employees, make processes safe, perform risk analyses quickly and easily and continuously monitor and improve security.


Because many SMEs have a recognisable organisational structure, descriptions have already been drawn up for common processes, including controls and points of attention for safe working practices. As a result, implementation is quick and the focus is mainly on the company’s own specific points. Why reinvent the wheel?


In addition to support for the core processes around information security, Base27 also offers you the means for supplier management, competence development of personnel, company asset registrations, execution of internal audits, reporting, etc.


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