About us

Axxemble is a start-up that focuses on information security and privacy protection specifically for SMB organisations.


Examples of such organisations:

  • Accountancy and insurance offices
  • Lawyers and notaries
  • Occupational health and safety services
  • Physiotherapy practices
  • Municipalities
  • Health centers
  • General practitioners
  • Training institutes
  • Travel agencies
  • Software developers
  • Employment agencies
  • Webshops

Our mission statement

To support organisations in a simple and practical way with adequate information security and privacy protection.

Moreover, our vision is:

  • Adequate information security is essential for any type of organisation;
  • Information security will be a standard requirement of customers /end users and increasingly enforced by law;
  • Among other things, ISO 27001 meet such requirements and forms a solid basis for information security;
  • Privacy protection is a legal obligation and applicable to all organisations;
  • Many organisations find it difficult to organise the required knowledge and resources to properly implement information security;
  • The core processes of information security, risk management and awareness do not necessarily have to be difficult or expensive;
  • Offering real added value and using best practices form a simple, smart, practical and attractive solution.


As such, we accomplish our mission in the following way:

  • By choosing substantive information regarding policy, process descriptions and best practices as a starting point, time and energy can be focused on organisation-specific issues (delivering added value);
  • Providing all information in an understandable and accessible way makes it easier to inform organisations and make them aware of the policy and objectives as well as the risks involved (communication and awareness);
  • By offering the process of risk management in a simple and orderly manner, organisations can independently implement an effective information security management system (efficiently and independently);
  • Through cooperation with our customers and partners, we create a platform for further improvement and application of our solution (customer and market oriented).