Gain full control of your information security

with Base27


Software for security management

With Base27, you have all the means at your disposal to inform employees, to make processes safe, to perform risk analyses quickly and easily and to continuously monitor and improve security.

ISMS software Base27

Implement your information security quickly and effectively (in accordance with ISO 27001 or other frameworks).

Organise your information security in a practical way.

Get a grip on the many and often complex aspects of information security.

Everything related to the information security of your organisation is easy and clear to find.

Base27 offers a framework with best practices for information security and privacy protection, with special attention to policy and organisations.

What Base27 offers

Base27 offers a ready-to-start solution to quickly have your information security in order. Base27 provides an online framework for information security that is tailored to your organisation and services. After implementation you are ready for an external audit!

Our total solution puts you in complete control of your information security from day one.

Our mission

Make organisations digitally safe

Information Security

Adequate information security is essential for the medium term of any organisation. This is increasingly becoming a standard requirement for customers.

Privacy Protection

New regulations such as the General Data Protection Regulation, or GDPR force organisations to look critically at the processing of personal data and to guarantee its protection.

Knowledge and Overview

The introduction of security standards such as ISO 27001 require specialist knowledge in the field of IT, business and legal affairs. This affects almost all aspects of business operations and it is difficult to maintain a good overview.

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